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Vitamins: Country Life 25% off Carlson Fish Oils 25% off Jarrow 25% off **Curamin & Curamed 20% off Cashews $5.95/ lb. California Raisins $1.95/ 15 oz. box Organic: Quinoa $5.95/ lb. Chia Seeds $7.99/ lb. Goji Berries $7.99/ 8 oz. All Sales While Supplies Last!

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15 simple ways to relax & reduce stress

Here are 15 things you can do to ease your stress and feel more relaxed 1. Drink green tea 2. Eat a mango 3. Chew and enjoy a stick of mint gum 4. Meditate 5. Take deep breaths 6. Count backwards 7. Close your eyes 8. Take a magnesium supplement 9. Get a massage 10.  … Read More

AMPK: Promote Longevity & Reduce Fat Storage

What is AMPK? AMPK is an enzyme that serves as the body’s master regulating switch. It inhibits multiple damaging factors by revitalizing aging cells. Weight Reduction: Trans-tiliroside, extracted from plants such as rose hips, also boosts AMPK activation, but triggers different down­stream metabolic benefits than G. pentaphyllum. Among its many benefits, a low equivalent dose  … Read More

Spiced Sprouted Lentils and Germinated Brown Rice


Spiced Sprouted Lentils and Germinated Brown Rice Ingredients 1- 1/2 cup Germinated Brown Rice 3/4 cup Sprouted Lentils 2 cinnamon sticks, broken in half 6 cloves 1/2 tsp. cumin 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper 1 tsp. salt (optional) 1/4 cup minced parsley Preparation Put all ingredients, except parsley, into rice cooker. Add 4 cups of  … Read More

Larénim Mineral Makeup


Q How is Larenim mineral makeup better than other mineral makeups? A Many people believe that all mineral makeups are the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all about the formulation, attention to detail, and the quality of ingredients. Note these features about Larenim mineral makeup: No bismuth oxychloride which is  … Read More

Herbal and Homeopathic


Herbal and Homeopathic remedies can be a wonderful alternative to synthetic over-the-counter medicines. These remedies are completely free from artificial dyes and flavors (known causes of allergens). Homeopathy is 100% safe – and is safe from any negative side-effect or contraindications. We offer a large variety of herbal supplements as loose herbs, teas, tinctures, and  … Read More

Kids & Teens

Kids’ bodies need vitamins and minerals for proper development. Eating a good balance of fruits and vegetables can provide the essential nutrients for their bodies. Organic whole-food supplements provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals that kids need. What Every Growing Child & Teen Needs Immune Support Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Natural & Organic Snacks Dye-Free  … Read More