Kids & Teens

Kids’ bodies need vitamins and minerals for proper development. Eating a good balance of fruits and vegetables can provide the essential nutrients for their bodies. Organic whole-food supplements provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals that kids need.

What Every Growing Child & Teen Needs

  • Immune Support
  • Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
  • Natural & Organic Snacks
  • Dye-Free Candy
  • 100% Juice

Ways Kids & Teens can Help their School “Go Green”

  • Reduce Waste Place paper, plastic/glass, and aluminum recycling bins in the cafeterias and hallways.
  • Take a stand against slavery! Sell only Fair-Trade chocolate and coffee in snack shops and vending machines.
  • Designate an area to leave clothes, books, shoes, games, etc. for other kids to have when you’re done with them!

Area Schools Making a Difference in Our World

  • Lehigh Valley Christian High School, Allentown
  • Dieruff H.S., Allentown
  • Allen H.S., Allentown
  • Parkland H.S., Orefield
  • Liberty H.S., Bethlehem
  • Freedom H.S., Bethlehem