Larénim Mineral Makeup


tip-02Q How is Larenim mineral makeup better than other mineral makeups?

A Many people believe that all mineral makeups are the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all about the formulation, attention to detail, and the quality of ingredients. Note these features about Larenim mineral makeup:

  • No bismuth oxychloride which is responsible for the greasy, big pored look and the rashes that dissuade many people from continuing using other mineral makeups.
  • Glowy finish. Some companies use dull, matte minerals which give skin a lifeless, mask-like appearance. You’ll never encounter that with Larenim.
  • Eye colors and blushes suitable for all age ranges. Most of our colors avoid the sometimes obnoxious “glitter effect” that emphasize fine lines. Instead, Larenim offers a refined luster which refracts light and appears to “de-age” eyes and cheeks.

Q How is Larenim® mineral makeup better than conventional makeup?
A Well, let us count the ways…

  1. Non-comedogenic. Larenim® mineral makeup does not block pores!
  2. Larenim® mineral makeup contains no talc.
  3. Larenim® mineral makeup contains no oils, no fillers, and no FD&C dyes.
  4. Does not “spoil.” Minerals do not support bacterial growth.
  5. Larenim® mineral makeup is easy to apply.
  6. It´s very natural. Larenim® mineral makeup is never mask-like.
  7. Larenim® mineral makeup gives skin a beautiful “glow.”
  8. Not tested on animals. Larenim® mineral makeup is cruelty-free.
  9. Made in U.S.A.
  10. Perfect makeup for all skin types! Larenim® mineral makeup is appropriate for people with normal, dry or oily skin as well as those with acne, rosacea, lined, sensitive or post-laser treatment skin.
  11. Larenim® mineral makeup contains no Parabens.

Q Are Larenim cosmetics organic?
A The word “organic” is often used with natural products. By definition, organic means “of, relating to, or derived from living organisms”. Minerals, on the other hand, are considered inorganic since they are composed of non-living elements from the earth. Larenim products primarily consist of these natural, inorganic minerals.

Q Are the powders drying?
A Most powders are drying due to the talc they contain. Larenim® mineral makeup has no talc and actually helps trap moisture in the skin.

Q Can Larenim® mineral makeup products be used on mature or wrinkled skin?
A Yes. Larenim® mineral makeup is light refractive which minimizes the appearance of lines and other imperfections. If your skin is dry, try moisturizing first. Wait 10 minutes until all moisturizer is absorbed before applying Larenim® mineral makeup. Also, consider spritzing with a mist of heavy water or glycerin-based toner to “set” makeup and further enhance its qualities.

Q How does Larenim® mineral makeup help rosacea and post laser treatment skin? Which shade is best for concealing the redness?
A Larenim® mineral makeup has no irritants. It has zinc oxide which is very soothing and healing for the skin. For rosacea or post laser treatment skin, try “2w”, “3w”, or “4w” which are yellow-based and neutralize red skin. Remember—2 or 3 thin layers of Larenim® foundation are more effective than one heavy application. Or try Larenim® Mineral AirbrushTM Pressed Foundation which has a higher coverage level.

Q I use acne medicine. Can I combine this with Larenim® products?
A Yes. Larenim® mineral makeup is very compatible with acne medications. Larenim® mineral makeup is soothing and healing. Note: Dusk ´til DawnTM facial powder is excellent on acne blemishes and can be applied under foundation. The Dusk ´til DawnTM Masque is a deep cleansing and purifying formula with bentonite clay, green tea extract and zinc oxide to draw out impurities, eliminate dead skin cells, help control excess oil and soothe acne prone and irritated skin. This masque is perfect for all skin types and is gentle enough to use with acne medication.

QHow do I select a foundation?
AThe “C´s” (after the number) indicate “cool” colors with pink undertones while the “W´s” indicate “warm” colors with yellow undertones. Many Caucasian women believe before trying them, that they will be a “C”ool. But, the truth is that many of them look better with a “W”arm because they may have a lot of red in their skin. Reddish skin becomes beautifully minimized with a warm color. Test your foundation shade on your face, not your hand. Your hand will not give you an accurate depiction of how your color will look on your face. Wait at least ten minutes to decide if your shade is a good match—even if it initially looks like it is. The right shade should essentially disappear into the skin. Most foundations will deepen a little within ten to fifteen minutes of application.

Q Every once in a while I get a streak while applying my foundation. What´s happening?
A There are two possibilities: Your skin could be damp (or still have moisturizer that hasn´t absorbed yet). Fine pigment minerals were not dispersed before applying. All of our makeup is hand crafted and custom blended so occasionally you may need to “buff” the foundation a little more into your skin.

Q Can I use the blush on my eyes?
A Yes. We have no FD&C dyes (petroleum derived) in our makeup. That means Larenim® mineral makeup can be applied all over your face. Unlike Larenim® blush, many conventional blushes contains red dyes, including red dye #40, which is known to irritate the eye area.

Q Is Larenim® mineral makeup good for all skin types?
A Absolutely! Whether you have dry, wrinkled, acne, oily or sensitive skin, Larenim® products are is ideal for you!

Q Can I use foundation on my body too?
A Yes. The foundation is beautiful on the decollete. You can also use Larenim® foundation to help conceal spider veins on your legs!

Q I´ve tried other mineral makeup and found my skin looked worse. It was shiny and showed big pores. How is Larenim® mineral makeup different?
A First of all, Larenim® products contain no bismuth oxychloride which can make even dry or porcelain skin look greasy and large pored. We use mica to capture the radiant glow. Some mineral makeup companies use large flaked mica which winds up looking “sparkle-y” on the skin, rather than “dewy” as it should. That sparkle-look is not attractive!

Q I´ve been reading lately about mica. Is mica irritating to the skin? Is it shiny? Does it contain crystalline silica?
A Mica has an extremely low irritation rate and does not appear shiny. Our mica is 100% U.S. Cosmetic Grade, which is a different class of mica than that which contains crystalline silica.

Q What quality standards does Larenim® mineral makeup adhere to?
A Larenim® mineral makeup uses only U.S. CERTIFIED COSMETIC GRADE minerals. There are many gorgeous (and inexpensive) minerals available from around the world, but we choose not to use them because they lack U.S. Approval Codes. You can rest assured that you will get only the very best approved minerals in Larenim® products.

Q Are your products tested on animals?
A No! Our products are only tested on enthusiastic human participants.

Q What tools do I need for applying Larenim® mineral makeup?
A Larenim® professional quality brushes are essential for creating the most natural, flawless application. Ideally, you would have our Luscious Kabuki or Softer than SableTM Vegan Kabuki for buffering your foundation. Our Blonzer brush allows for perfect application of bronzer for an overall sunkissed look. This brush may also be used with our finishing powders, highlighter and Luminizers to achieve a beautiful finish alone or over your favorite foundation. The Blush Brush has a chiseled contour which is perfect for precision application of Larenim® blush. Our Camouflauge Oval and Camouflage Oval Grande brushes are great for applying concealer to blemishes or under eyes, as well as applying Eye Colour. Some women may want to use our Flocked Sponge for “spackling” the pores a bit. Larenim® offers several high quality brushes to apply Eye Colour, helping you to achieve a variety of different looks to fit your mood! Larenim® Eyeliners and Eye Colours may be applied with the Eyeliner Brush dry for a soft, smoky eye or mixed with water to create a long-wearing liquid formula. Our Eye Kabuki brush is perfect for feathering color over the entire lid.

Q What is the best way to clean my Larenim® brushes?
A Larenim® Softer than SableTM Conditioning Brush Shampoo is a mild disinfecting and conditioning brush shampoo designed to gently remove makeup residue from Larenim® brushes without drying. This gentle vegan shampoo will prolong the life of our high quality brushes.

Q What do I use to remove the makeup?
A Your favorite cleanser will do just fine. Larenim® mineral makeup comes off easily with soap and water.

Q Will you be coming out with lip colors?
A Larenim will likely introduce a line of lip color in the future. However, for now, simply add a blush color to lip balm or clear lip gloss to get a gorgeous lip finish!

Q I have very large pores and very flushed skin. Do you recommend anything else?
A Larenim® Invisi-PoreTM is an incredible priming and touch-up product which serves to literally fill in pores for a smoother finish, as well as combat oil shine (which has a tendency to exaggerate pore size). Apply with a kabuki brush over face and use the Camouflage Oval Grande brush for precision application. Other hints: Try buffering small amounts of Larenim® Mineral SilkTM onto the affected area after applying your foundation. It is very effective at creating a “porcelain image.” Or apply Dusk ´til DawnTM powder with the Camouflage Oval Grande brush before applying foundation. It is another excellent pore filler.

Q What is the shelf life of Larenim® mineral makeup?
A Larenim® loose mineral makeup should not harbor bacteria, so it should keep its quality for about four years. Larenim® Mineral AirbrushTM Pressed Foundation lasts about three years. MineralashTM Mascara should be used within three months after first use. Note: Occasionally people comment that they notice an aroma with the Pressed Foundation. This is the natural aroma of the cold pressed, organic jojoba and the honeysuckle extract.

Q I have used a non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic makeup. What makes Larenim® mineral makeup so special for acne?
A Larenim® mineral makeup will not clog your pores. Like thousands of women everywhere, you´re probably still breaking out from your current makeup. We´ve spent years researching comedogenic ingredients and almost all mainstream companies simply don´t tell the truth about the breakout potential and pore-clogging attributes of their products. Many women experience confusion when they use a makeup labeled “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” and their skin continues to break out. While using Larenim® mineral makeup, most women find their skin improving with continued use. This means that as long as you´re not applying other pore-clogging products to your skin in about a month of consistent use, the appearance of your skin should improve.

Q Does Larenim® mineral makeup have an SPF Rating?
A Although titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, found in Larenim® foundation and blushes, are well known sun blocking agents, an SPF assessment has not been performed.

Q I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried many makeups which claim to be hypoallergenic, but still there is irritation. How is Larenim® mineral makeup different?
A While we cannot guarantee “zero” irritation potential, Larenim® mineral makeup has one of the lowest possible irritation risks on the market today!