Natural Baby

babyBabies, more than anyone, need to have the most gentle and natural products on their delicate skin. Their sensitive skin is most susceptible to harsh preservatives and chemicals in lotions, creams, and soaps.

Babies have a very sensitive immune system and sometimes need a little extra support in this area. While research shows that breast feeding your baby is the number one way to help your child develop a strong immune system, there are some other things that can help as well….

Colostrum, a constituent of mother’s milk, contains immune boosters IgA, IgB, and IgG. This means that colostrum contains the ingredients recognized immediately by the body as a source of protection against pathogens.
Echinacea (E. purperea and E. angustifolia) contain polysaccharides – highly concentrated compounds which support the body’s natural immune response.
Elderberry is a sweet-tasting herbal remedy that has many benefits. Not only does it taste great, it stimulates the immune system to recover from the cold and flu much quicker!